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Fruits Basket Boys

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F r u i t s B a s k e t B o i z;
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+ For all things related to the boys of Fruits Basket. This means fanfics, fanart, discussions, icons, songs... ect.

+ We are not limited to yaoi/shonen-ai at this community; however, please note that anything and everything posted in this community must deal with one or more boys from Fruits Basket. This community will hopefully have more yaoi and shounen-ai than it will het. Do not complain about it. We are not your mothers, and will laugh at your expence when you complain about it.

+ As well, please keep all fics and art and any image larger than icons or small sized banners behind an LJ-cut tag, with ratings, especially if they are things that rate NC-17 or R. This way, people know what to expect when clicking on the link.

+ When posting icons, please have a minimum of 3 per post. If you have any more, keep them behind an LJ-cut tag. We don't want to spam the members' friends pages too badly.

+ For the love of the boys, please don't tYPe lIkE DiS. We'll warn you, and then ban you. The majority of this fandom will be in English so please, if you post something in another language, TRANSLATE IT! The post will have to be taken down if you don't.

+ Please keep excessive swearing and total lack of grammar/spelling away from here.

+ If you have any questions, please ask a mod. We don't bite unless given a good reason... Like someone spamming the community.

+ ABSOLUTELY NO PAIRING-BASHING OR CHARACTER-BASHING. If you don't like something then KEEP IT LOCKED UP INSIDE YOUR HEAD! If not, we will ban you. Constructive criticisem is allowed of course.

+ And don't forget, be nice and have fun.

O t h e r F u r u b a - R e l a t e d C o m m u n i t i e s ;

Want to add a comm to this list? Just talk to one of the mods!

Last updated on August 20, 2004
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